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Robotics and Automation Media Platform- The Machine Muse


What To Know

  • Engage in discussions, access resources, and stay updated on the latest research and developments in robotics and automation.
  •  Offers daily news and updates on robotics developments, with a focus on consumer robotics and emerging applications.

Join The Machine Muse – Your Robotics and Automation Media Platform

The Machine Muse is a new sectoral media platform dedicated to growing the robotics and automation industry. We aim to educate, advocate and collaborate with stakeholders to accelerate the responsible adoption of robotics and AI.


  • Provide a central platform for robotics news, insights and discourse
  • Showcase innovative use cases, research and people pushing boundaries
  • Spotlight key issues like ethics, workforce impacts and policy
  • Share knowledge and foster community among stakeholders
  • Amplify the voice of the industry in mainstream conversations

Challenges Addressed

The Machine Muse tackles key robotics and automation challenges including:

  • Public understanding and perceptions
  • Policy development and responsible governance
  • Scaling human capital and technical capabilities
  • Navigating economic and societal transitions
  • Achieving inclusive and ethical technology integration

Benefits to Stakeholders

By joining The Machine Muse ecosystem, stakeholders can:

  • Access sector-specific insights and media
  • Expand networks and find new partners
  • Showcase work to interested audiences
  • Influence conversations on robotics priorities
  • Collaborate on initiatives and working groups
  • Contribute perspectives and shape narratives

Prospective Beneficiaries and Stakeholders In The Robotics and Automation Industry

  • Robotics Engineers and Researchers: Engage in discussions, access resources, and stay updated on the latest research and developments in robotics and automation.
  • Industry Professionals: Explore career opportunities, gain insights into industry trends, and network with peers and experts in the field of robotics and automation.
  • Students and Educators: Access educational materials, participate in workshops, and enhance their understanding of robotics and automation concepts and principles.
  • Enthusiasts and General Public: Stay informed about the latest innovations and applications in robotics and automation, contributing to a deeper understanding of these technologies.

The Machine Muse Publishing Channels:

  • Articles and Blog Posts
  • Webinars and Virtual Events
  • Discussion Forums and Community Groups
  • Whitepapers and Research Papers

How To Join The Machine Muse Community:

Help us build a vibrant platform that serves the robotics and automation community.

  • Submit content and story ideas
  • Join our contributor network
  • Sponsor platforms and initiatives
  • Share feedback and suggestions

Media Brands In Our Robotics and Automation Community

The Machine Muse features eight media brands covering key sectors:

  1. Industrial Robots

  • ManufactuBot – Factory and warehouse robots
  • AssemblyTech – Robotic assembly systems
  • MaterialHandling – Automated material handling
  1. Service Robots

  • HomeHelp – Domestic service robots
  • HospitalBot – Healthcare assistive robots
  • RetailAutomata – Retail service robots
  1. Autonomous Vehicles

  • AutoPilot – Self-driving vehicle tech
  • MobilityAI – AI for autonomous driving
  • WayFinder – Navigation and mapping tech
  1. Drones

  • AirAgent – Commercial drone applications
  • FlightStack – UAV systems and software
  • SkyPatrol – Aerial inspection drones
  1. Robotics Software

  • BotOS – Robot operating systems
  • VisualCog – Computer vision development
  • NeuralBots – Neural networks for robotics
  1. Exoskeletons

  • SuperStrength – Industrial exosuits
  • RehabBot – Medical exoskeletons
  • BodySuit – Consumer exoskeletons
  1. AI & Machine Learning

  • SmartBot – Intelligent task automation
  • SceneUnderstand – Environmental recognition
  • Learn2Do – Robot learning algorithms
  1. Future Applications

  • SurgicalBot – Robotic surgery advances
  • FarmDroids – Agricultural robotics
  • ExplorerBots – Space and underwater robots

Our Call to Join The Robotics and Automation Community:

Join The Machine Muse and be part of the robotics revolution. Whether you’re an expert or an enthusiast, there’s a place for you here. Sign up for exclusive insights, connections, and contributions.

Together, let’s build a future where robots and automated operations  enhance our lives.

Join The Machine Muse today.

Additional Resources About Robotics and Automation:

Top Media Platforms for Robotics and Automation:

  1. IEEE Spectrum Robotics: A resource for in-depth articles, analysis, and interviews with leading experts in the field, published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
  2. Robotics Business Review: Focuses on the business side of robotics, covering market trends, funding, and company news.
  3. The Robot Report: Offers daily news and updates on robotics developments, with a focus on consumer robotics and emerging applications.
  4. New Atlas: Features captivating stories and videos showcasing the latest advancements in robotics and automation across various sectors.
  5. MIT Technology Review: Provides in-depth analysis and commentary on the technological and societal implications of robotics and AI.
  6. TechCrunch: Covers robotics startups and innovations, with a focus on venture capital and tech trends.
  7. The Engineer: A British publication featuring articles and news on engineering advancements, including robotics and automated systems.
  8. TechCrunch Robotics: A dedicated section within TechCrunch focusing on robotics startups, funding, and events.
  9. Singularity Hub: Explores the future of technology and its impact on society, including robotics and AI.
  10. Industrial Automation: A magazine and website catering to professionals in the industrial automation industry, covering robotics and related technologies.
  11. The A3 Association for Advancing Automation: The leading trade association for the robotics industry, offering news, resources, and events.
  12. RoboHub: A community-driven platform featuring news, research, and discussions on all things robotics.

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