Brand Publishing Model in ICT

Welcome to ICT-Leaders-HUB and discover your most appropriate Brand Publishing Model which is your gateway to tailored thought leadership positioning. 

In the ever-evolving realm of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the choice of a brand publishing model becomes a linchpin for your brand’s success.

At ICT-Leaders-HUB, we offer three distinct models –

  • Co-Create-and-Operate
  • Build-Own-Operate
  • Build-and-Transfer – each tailored to cater to unique needs and resources.

Why Compare and Choose?

Your brand’s journey in the digital landscape is unique, and selecting the right model today shapes how your brand stands out, communicates, and thrives in the competitive ICT landscape.

Let’s delve into the nuances of each model to help you make an informed decision.

(1) Co-Create-and-Operate Brand Publishing Model:

In this model, we actively collaborate with you, a domain leader in your specific ICT subdomain, to publish thought leadership content.

This collaborative approach fortifies your thought leadership and enriches the ICT sector’s conversation.

Case Study: uses this brand publishing model to run hundreds of leading industry-specific publications across several industry verticals including ICT, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Lifestyle, etc.

Example Scenario:

Imagine being a leading figure in Data Technology or any other subdomain in ICT. Through our collaboration, we work closely to craft insightful content, including articles, interviews, and webinars, creating narratives that resonate within the Data Technology subdomain.

(2) Build-Own-Operate Brand Publishing Model:

Under this model, ICT-Leaders-HUB takes on the responsibility of building, deploying, and managing the necessary infrastructure for your media services.

TechTarget, a notable example, uses this model to offer data-driven marketing services.

You, as the content owner, benefit from a professionally maintained online presence while focusing on content creation and strategy.

Case Study:

TechTarget is an American company which offers data-driven marketing services to business-to-business technology vendors. It uses purchase intent data gleaned from the readership of its 140 + technology focused brand publishing assets to help tech vendors reach buyers actively researching relevant IT products and services.

Example Scenario:

Suppose you’re a prominent ICT company aiming to establish your brand presence without handling the complexities of media infrastructure development. In this model, ICT-Leaders-HUB takes charge, ensuring a seamless online presence while you retain full ownership and control.

(3) Build-and-Transfer Brand Publishing Model:

In this model, ICT-Leaders-HUB builds a fully functioning platform, transferring the front-end to you. You gain exclusive control over content generation, community engagements, and capitalization.

An emerging player in the ICT sector can benefit from our expertise without fully outsourcing the brand publishing operation.

Case Study:

Dotdash Meredith is an American digital media company based in New York City. The company publishes online articles and videos about various subjects across categories including health, home, food, finance, tech, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and education.

Example Scenario:

If you’re an emerging player in the ICT sector seeking to capitalize on our expertise in content management services, this model offers flexibility. You maintain control over community engagements and capitalization, tailoring the partnership to suit your specific needs and goals.

Your Next Step:

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