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What To Know

  • Engage in discussions, access resources, and stay updated on the latest research and developments in GIS technology.
  • Here is a list of our niche media brands covering specific aspects of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) ecosystem operating under the umbrella media platform the TerraScope.

Welcome to TerraScope, your premier destination for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) enthusiasts, professionals, researchers, and learners.

Our platform is dedicated to facilitating knowledge sharing, fostering collaboration, and promoting awareness about advancements, challenges, and opportunities in GIS technologies.

With insightful discussions and expert analysis, we aim to harness the power of GIS technology for a sustainable future.

Let’s connect, learn, and inspire the next generation of GIS enthusiasts and innovators.

Objectives of Developing The Geographic Information Systems Media Platform

  • Share news, insights, and stories related to GIS technology and applications
  • Showcase innovative maps, data visualizations, and use cases
  • Provide a space for GIS discourse, collaboration, and networking
  • Spotlight key issues and advances in geospatial data and analysis
  • Amplify the voice and value of GIS in business, government, and society

Challenges Addressed

TerraScope tackles key challenges for the GIS ecosystem including:

  • Advancing data collection, processing, and analytical capabilities
  • Enhancing understanding and use of location intelligence
  • Developing geospatial talent and technical skills
  • Increasing adoption across industries and domains
  • Ensuring ethical use of geographic data and technology

TerraScope Publishing Channels:

  • Articles and Blog Posts
  • Webinars and Virtual Events
  • Discussion Forums and Community Groups
  • Whitepapers and Research Papers

Target Stakeholders

We welcome diverse GIS stakeholders including:

  • GIS Analysts and Researchers: Engage in discussions, access resources, and stay updated on the latest research and developments in GIS technology.
  • Industry Professionals: Explore career opportunities, gain insights into industry trends, and network with peers and experts in the field of geographic information systems.
  • Students and Educators: Access educational materials, participate in workshops, and enhance their understanding of GIS concepts and principles.
  • Environmentalists and Planners: Stay informed about the latest environmental mapping techniques and urban planning applications, contributing to sustainable development efforts.

Benefits to Stakeholders Within The Geographic Information Systems

By joining TerraScope, stakeholders can:

  • Access GIS-focused news, perspectives, and interviews
  • Learn about the latest technology innovations and applications
  • Connect with the global GIS professional community
  • Showcase work and contributions to the field
  • Influence conversations on key issues and advancements
  • Collaborate on initiatives to shape the future of GIS

How To Join The Geographic Information Systems Community:

Help us build an impactful hub for the GIS community!

  • Register for an account on the platform.
  • Engage in discussions, share insights, and explore resources.
  • Participate in events, workshops, and webinars.
  • Contribute thought leadership content, articles, or research papers.

Contact us to get started. Let’s explore the world together

Industry Resources:

Our Signature Media Brands Focusing on GIS Subdomain

Here is a list of our niche media brands covering specific aspects of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) ecosystem operating under the umbrella media platform the TerraScope:

  1. GIS Software

  • ArcNews – Updates on ArcGIS
  • QGISInsider – Tips for QGIS
  • MapBoxPro – Guides for Mapbox
  1. Spatial Analysis

  • SiteSelect – Location analysis for planning
  • ZoneIn – Zoning and redistricting tools
  • SpyGlass – Visual data exploration
  1. Remote Sensing

  • SatelliteView – Satellite and aerial imaging
  • Lidar360 – Lidar and point cloud data
  • SenseEarth – Environmental remote sensing
  1. Cartography & Visualization

  • MapStack – Interactive web mapping libraries
  • Charta – Advanced cartography techniques
  • GeoRender – 3D landscape visualization
  1. Surveying & Measurement

  • SurveyPro – Surveying equipment and methods
  • GeoPosition – GPS and geospatial technologies
  • SiteScan – Laser scanning for as-builts
  1. Open Source GIS

  • GRASSNewz – Updates on GRASS GIS
  • PostGIS – PostGIS spatial database tips
  • OpenLayers – Open source web mapping
  1. Applications

  • CityScope – Urban planning
  • EnviroEdge – Environmental management
  • Navigator – Business location analytics
  • PropertyMap – Real estate mapping
  • GridGuide – Utility asset management
  • TransportTrack – Logistics network mapping
  • FarmFields – Agriculture monitoring
  • WeatherView – Meteorology forecasting
  • DisasterZone – Emergency response
  • DiseaseData – Healthcare and epidemiology
  • CrimeMap – Law enforcement analytics
  • EduBoundary – Education planning and catchment zones
  • TourismGuide – Travel and hospitality
  • MineralSearch – Natural resource exploration
  • TelecomMap – Network infrastructure planning
  • MarketScope – Retail site selection
  • TrafficVision – Transportation systems management
  • EngageZone – Media market segmentation
  • VotePrecinct – Political district mapping
  • DefenseZone – Military geospatial intelligence
  • OceanChart – Maritime navigation charts
  • SiteSurvey – Architecture, engineering and construction
  • TrailMap – Recreational activity mapping
  1. Emerging Trends

  • GeoCloud – Cloud-based GIS
  • MobileMap – Field data collection advances
  • AutoGIS – AI and spatial data automation

Existing Geographic Information Systems

  1. Geography Realm: A popular online forum for GIS professionals and enthusiasts, offering discussions, tutorials, job postings, and more.
  2. ArcGIS Blog: The official blog from Esri, a leading GIS software provider, featuring news, tutorials, interviews, and user stories.
  3. GeoSpatial World: A website and magazine covering news, trends, and applications of GIS technology across various industries.
  4. Directions Magazine: A monthly magazine and online resource for professionals in the surveying, mapping, and geospatial technology sectors.
  5. LocationTech.com: A website and newsletter featuring news, analysis, and interviews on emerging trends in location-based technologies, including GIS.
  6. Spatial Business News: A website and newsletter focused on the business side of the GIS industry, covering investment, mergers and acquisitions, and company news.
  7. GISCafe: A blog featuring tutorials, tips, and resources for GIS beginners and intermediate users.
  8. Urban Land Institute (ULI) Center for Applied Urbanism: This ULI center focuses on using GIS and data-driven solutions for urban planning and development. Their blog highlights best practices and thought leadership in the field.
  9. Mapping Matters: A blog by cartographer Jennifer Fry exploring visual communication and design in maps. Their insightful analysis and beautiful creations spark critical thinking about how we represent geographic data.
  10. GIS International: A magazine and website covering international news, projects, and applications of GIS technology.
  11. Spatial World: A journal published by the International Cartographic Association, featuring academic research and articles on advanced GIS concepts and methodologies.
  12. reddit.r/gis: A subreddit for GIS professionals and enthusiasts to share news, resources, questions, and discussions.

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