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What To Know

  • Sal Khan is the Founder of Khan Academy, a thought leader in creating a free and accessible digital education platform.
  • AI, General Partner at AI Fund, Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera, and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University,  is a thought leader advocating for accessible online education.

At EduTechfy, we bring together the brightest minds and innovators in the Education Technologies market. Our platform is a dynamic space where thought leaders converge to share their technological innovations, experiences, and expertise, creating a thriving community dedicated to transforming education.

Why Join EduTechfy?

1. Unparalleled Networking:

  • Connect with industry leaders, educators, technology experts, and like-minded professionals.
  • Foster collaborations that transcend boundaries and drive innovation in the education sector.

2. Thought Leadership Showcase:

  • Elevate your brand by featuring as a thought leader in the EdTech landscape.
  • Showcase your technological innovations, share experiences, and position yourself at the forefront of educational transformation.

3. Economic Advantages:

  • Tap into a global network, opening doors to new opportunities and markets.
  • Access potential collaborations, partnerships, and investment prospects to fuel your organization’s growth.

4. Community Engagement:

  • Engage with a diverse audience comprising educators, tech enthusiasts, administrators, policymakers, and industry professionals.
  • Participate in vibrant discussions, gain insights, and contribute to the evolution of EdTech.

Who’s Part of EduTechfy?

  • Thought Leaders: Industry pioneers, innovators, and visionaries shaping the future of education through technology.
  • Educators: Professionals dedicated to enhancing learning experiences through innovative teaching methods and EdTech tools.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about the intersection of technology and education, driving the evolution of EdTech solutions.
  • Administrators: Leaders in educational institutions leveraging technology for efficient operations and strategic decision-making.
  • Policymakers: Influencers driving policies that support the integration of technology in education, fostering positive change.

Niche Media Brands Under The EduTechfy Platform:

Each Niche Media Brand within the Edutechfy Platform caters to specific aspects of education, providing valuable insights and resources for educators, instructional designers, administrators, and education technology professionals.

Virtual Learning:

EduVerse – An immersive digital education universe:

  • Objective: Create an immersive digital education space for learners.
  • Content Focus: Virtual learning experiences, emerging technologies in education, and educational content in a digital universe.
  • Participants: Students, educators, e-learning professionals, and technology enthusiasts.
  • Expected Value: Access to immersive digital educational content, insights into the future of e-learning, and a platform for interactive learning.
  • Notable Thought Leader: Sal Khan is the Founder of Khan Academy, a thought leader in creating a free and accessible digital education platform.

LearnSphere – A sphere for virtual learning:

  • Objective: Establish a comprehensive platform for virtual learning resources.
  • Content Focus: Curated virtual learning resources, online courses, and educational tools.
  • Participants: Students, educators, e-learning content creators, and online course developers.
  • Expected Value: Centralized access to a diverse range of virtual learning materials, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Notable Thought Leader: Michael Horn is the Co-author of “Disrupting Class” and an influential voice on blended and online learning.

ClassConnect – Connected virtual classes:

  • Objective: Facilitate connected virtual classes for seamless online education.
  • Content Focus: Virtual class technologies, best practices for online teaching, and collaborative tools.
  • Participants: Educators, students, online course creators, and administrators.
  • Expected Value: Insights into effective virtual class strategies, tools for connected learning, and a community for sharing experiences.
  • Notable Thought Leader: Andrew Ng Andrew Ng is the Founder of DeepLearning.AI, General Partner at AI Fund, Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera, and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University,  is a thought leader advocating for accessible online education.

Instructional Design:

CourseDesign – Designing effective courses:

  • Objective: Provide insights and tools for designing effective online courses.
  • Content Focus: Instructional design methodologies, course creation tips, and e-learning design trends.
  • Participants: Instructional designers, educators, e-learning content creators, and course developers.
  • Expected Value: Guidance on creating engaging and effective online courses, incorporating instructional design principles.
  • Notable Thought Leader: Clark Quinn  is an advocate of the potential of technology to facilitate learning and performance. His work has been at the cutting edge in areas such as adaptive, mobile, and content systems.

LessonCraft – Crafting lessons and instructional content:

  • Objective: Focus on crafting engaging lessons and instructional content.
  • Content Focus: Lesson planning strategies, content creation tools, and innovative instructional design.
  • Participants: Educators, instructional designers, content creators, and curriculum developers.
  • Expected Value: Resources for crafting effective lessons, leveraging technology for content creation, and enhancing teaching practices.
  • Notable Thought Leaders: Doug Lemov is the author of a well-known book titled “Teach Like a Champion: 13 Strategies That Transform Workshop Design.” In the book, Lemov shares his experiences and insights into effective teaching techniques.

CurriculumHub – A hub for instructional design:

  • Objective: Serve as a central hub for instructional design resources.
  • Content Focus: Curriculum development, instructional design frameworks, and best practices.
  • Participants: Curriculum developers, educators, instructional designers, and e-learning professionals.
  • Expected Value: Access to a comprehensive repository of instructional design resources, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
  • Notable Thought Leader: Grant Wiggins (in memoriam) was a well-known educational figure who co-created the widely used framework for curriculum design, Understanding by Design (UD).


QuizVantage – The assessment advantage:

  • Objective: Provide an advantage in creating and using assessments effectively.
  • Content Focus: Assessment strategies, tools, and innovations in the field of educational testing.
  • Participants: Educators, assessment developers, students, and testing professionals.
  • Expected Value: Guidance on creating fair and effective assessments, staying updated on assessment trends, and improving testing practices.
  • Notable Thought Leader: Dylan Wiliam is a key individual thought leader in formative assessment and educational measurement.

TestCraft – Crafting assessments and tests:

  • Objective: Focus on the craft of designing and implementing assessments.
  • Content Focus: Test creation techniques, assessment tools, and advancements in testing methodologies.
  • Participants: Educators, assessment creators, testing professionals, and education administrators.
  • Expected Value: Insights into crafting meaningful assessments, utilizing technology for testing, and enhancing evaluation practices.

ProgressCheck – Checking student progress:

  • Objective: Provide tools and insights for monitoring and evaluating student progress.
  • Content Focus: Progress monitoring strategies, student assessment data analysis, and personalized learning approaches.
  • Participants: Educators, administrators, parents, and education technology professionals.
  • Expected Value: Resources for effectively tracking student progress, utilizing data for personalized learning, and improving educational outcomes.
  • Notable Thought Leader: Paul Black (in memoriam) was a well-known figure in the field of education, specifically in formative assessment research and educational progress.


AcademyIndex – Managing academic institutions:

  • Objective: Address the needs of academic administrators in managing institutions.
  • Content Focus: Administrative best practices, technology solutions for academic management, and leadership insights.
  • Participants: Academic administrators, school principals, education policymakers, and institutional leaders.
  • Expected Value: Resources for effective academic management, technology adoption in administration, and leadership development.
  • Notable Thought Leader: Michael Fullan is a prominent individual thought leader in educational reform and leadership.

CampusCommand – Commanding campus and university ops:

  • Objective: Provide resources for efficiently managing campus and university operations.
  • Content Focus: Campus operations management, technological solutions for universities, and leadership in higher education.
  • Participants: University administrators, operations managers, campus leaders, and higher education professionals.
  • Expected Value: Insights into optimizing campus operations, adopting technology for university management, and leadership strategies in higher education.
  • Notable Thought Leader: Randy Bass is is a recognized expert in higher education leadership, with a strong influence on the field. Bass has made significant contributions to the higher education community through his research, writing, and speaking engagements

InstituteCore – Robust institutional management:

  • Objective: Foster robust institutional management practices for various educational institutes.
  • Content Focus: Comprehensive institutional management, technological advancements for institutes, and strategic planning.
  • Participants: Educational institute leaders, administrators, board members, and decision-makers.
  • Expected Value: Resources for strategic planning, adopting technology for institutional management, and building a strong educational institution.
  • Notable Thought Leader: John Kotter is leading individual thought leader on change management in educational institutions.

Organizations Thought Leaders In Education Technology:

Governments Thought Leaders In EdTech:

  • Singapore: Recognized for its Smart Nation initiative, integrating technology into various aspects of education.
  • Finland: Known for its innovative education system and emphasis on personalized learning.
  • United Arab Emirates: Initiatives like the “UAE Vision 2021” highlight a commitment to integrating technology in education.

Expected Value for Audiences Across Edutechfy Platform:

  • Educational Innovation: Stay abreast of innovations in educational technology, instructional design, and assessment practices.
  • Professional Development: Access resources and insights for educators, instructional designers, administrators, and education technology professionals.
  • Collaborative Learning: Foster a community for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among participants with similar educational interests.
  • Effective Teaching Practices: Gain practical guidance on designing engaging courses, crafting effective lessons, and using assessments strategically.
  • Institutional Excellence: Equip administrators and institutional leaders with tools and strategies for efficient academic management.

Join EduTechfy – Transform Your Educational Landscape

  • Be a Thought Leader: Showcase your expertise, share your success stories, and position your brand as a leading force in the EdTech market.
  • Network with the Best: Connect with a diverse community of educators, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders. Collaborate on projects that redefine education.
  • Economic Growth Awaits: Access a platform that transcends geographical boundaries, opening avenues for global collaborations and economic expansion.
  • Community Insights: Engage in discussions that matter. Gain insights from experts, share your experiences, and contribute to the collective knowledge of the EdTech community.

How to Join EduTechfy?

  • Create Your Profile:
    • Sign up to create your personalized EduTechfy profile.
    • Showcase your achievements, expertise, and technological innovations.
  • Share Your Insights:
    • Contribute articles, case studies, and insights that demonstrate your thought leadership.
    • Inspire and educate the EdTech community with your experiences.
  • Engage in Discussions:
    • Participate in forums, webinars, and live discussions.
    • Connect with professionals, share ideas, and stay informed about the latest trends.
  • Explore Collaboration:
    • Discover potential collaborators, partners, and projects.
    • Foster meaningful connections that drive innovation and growth.

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EduTechfy is not just a platform; it’s a community committed to transforming education through technology. Join us and be part of the revolution. Together, let’s shape the future of learning.

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