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What To Know

  • Our platform serves as a dynamic hub for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation in the realm of big data analytics.
  • The conception of DataScape stems from the recognition of the transformative potential of big data analytics and the need for a centralized platform to facilitate collaboration and learning in this rapidly evolving field.

Showcase Your Technical Mastery of Advanced Big Data Analytics

As data volumes explode, organizations need guidance to apply sophisticated analytics techniques that can handle massive heterogeneous data. Your deep expertise uniquely positions you to lead this domain.

Overview of DataScape Media Platform

DataScape is a cutting-edge media platform dedicated to empowering big data analytics professionals and enthusiasts.

Our platform serves as a dynamic hub for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation in the realm of big data analytics.

Agitation behind Big Data Analytics Platform

The conception of DataScape stems from the recognition of the transformative potential of big data analytics and the need for a centralized platform to facilitate collaboration and learning in this rapidly evolving field.

We believe in harnessing the power of big data to drive insights, innovation, and progress.

Challenges Addressed by The DataScape Community

DataScape addresses key challenges in the realm of big data analytics, including:

  • Data complexity and volume overwhelming traditional analytics tools and methods.
  • Lack of access to specialized skills and expertise required for effective big data analysis.
  • Fragmented data sources and siloed information hindering comprehensive insights and decision-making.

Existing Solutions Falling Short

Current solutions often fall short in providing comprehensive support for big data analytics initiatives. Traditional analytics platforms may lack scalability, real-time capabilities, or advanced analytical techniques necessary to unlock the full potential of big data.

Why Stakeholders Should Join DataScape Community

Stakeholders in the big data analytics domain should join DataScape to:

  • Connect with a diverse community of big data professionals, data scientists, analysts, and researchers.
  • Access cutting-edge tools, technologies, and methodologies for big data analytics.
  • Collaborate on projects, share insights, and exchange best practices to drive innovation and success.
  • Stay informed about the latest trends, developments, and opportunities in the field of big data analytics.

Benefits for Stakeholders In The Big Data Analytics Industry

By joining DataScape, stakeholders can:

  • Expand their professional networks and forge meaningful connections with industry peers and experts.
  • Access valuable resources, tutorials, case studies, and white papers to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Contribute to the advancement of big data analytics practices and standards, shaping the future of the industry.
  • Gain visibility and recognition as leaders and innovators in the field of big data analytics.

Media Channels Available on DataScape Platform

DataScape offers a variety of media channels, including:

  • Discussion forums and community groups for collaborative discussions and knowledge sharing.
  • Webinars, workshops, and virtual events featuring industry leaders, experts, and practitioners.
  • Access to curated content, research papers, articles, and blog posts on big data analytics.
  • Networking opportunities with key stakeholders, thought leaders, and innovators in the big data ecosystem.

DataScape’s Signature Big Data Analytics Media Brands

Data Infrastructure

  • Data Lakes – Building Data Lake Architecture:

    • Platform Objective: Explore the principles, design considerations, and best practices for building and managing data lake architectures.
    • Content Focus: Data lake implementation strategies, data ingestion techniques, data lake governance, and case studies highlighting successful data lake deployments.
    • Participants: Data engineers, data architects, IT professionals, data scientists, and business analysts involved in data lake projects.
    • USP: Provides comprehensive guidance on designing scalable and cost-effective data lake solutions, addressing challenges related to data storage, processing, and governance.
    • Example Leader: Amazon Web Services (AWS) with its Amazon S3 and Amazon EMR services.
  • Pipeworks – Data Pipelines and ETL:

    • Platform Objective: Focuses on data pipeline development, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, and data integration strategies.
    • Content Focus: ETL best practices, data pipeline automation, real-time data processing, and case studies demonstrating effective data integration solutions.
    • Participants: Data engineers, ETL developers, data integration specialists, and IT professionals responsible for data movement and transformation.
    • USP: Offers insights into streamlining data workflows, optimizing data transformation processes, and ensuring data quality and reliability throughout the pipeline.
    • Apache Kafka, a distributed event streaming platform, is a prominent leader in data pipelines and ETL.
  • ClusterHub – Big Data Clusters:

    • Platform Objective: Explores the architecture, deployment, and optimization of big data clusters for processing large volumes of data.
    • Content Focus: Cluster management, resource allocation, scalability, and performance tuning in distributed computing environments.
    • Participants: Big data engineers, Hadoop administrators, cloud architects, and IT managers overseeing big data infrastructure.
    • USP: Provides insights into managing complex distributed systems, leveraging containerization and orchestration technologies, and optimizing cluster performance for big data analytics.
    • Example Leader: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with its BigQuery and Kubernetes offerings.

Analytics & Modeling

  • InsightShift – Data Analysis Techniques:

    • Platform Objective: Offers insights into various data analysis techniques, methodologies, and tools for deriving actionable insights from complex datasets.
    • Content Focus: Data analysis workflows, exploratory data analysis (EDA), statistical analysis methods, and data visualization techniques.
    • Participants: Data analysts, data scientists, business intelligence professionals, and researchers seeking to enhance their analytical skills.
    • USP: Provides practical guidance on applying analytical techniques to solve real-world problems, interpreting analysis results, and communicating insights effectively.
    • Example Leader: Tableau, a leading analytics and visualization platform, provides robust data analysis techniques.
  • ModelLab – Machine Learning Operations:

    • Platform Objective: Focuses on the operational aspects of machine learning, including model deployment, monitoring, and lifecycle management.
    • Content Focus: ML model deployment pipelines, model versioning, A/B testing, model performance monitoring, and model governance.
    • Participants: ML engineers, data scientists, DevOps engineers, and IT professionals involved in deploying and managing machine learning models in production.
    • USP: Offers insights into best practices for deploying scalable and reliable ML systems, ensuring model fairness, transparency, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
    • Example Leader: TensorFlow, an open-source machine learning framework developed by Google Brain.
  • QuantCore – Statistical Modeling:

    • Platform Objective: Explores advanced statistical modeling techniques, algorithms, and methodologies for analyzing and interpreting complex datasets.
    • Content Focus: Regression analysis, time series forecasting, Bayesian statistics, and advanced modeling approaches for predictive analytics.
    • Participants: Statisticians, quantitative analysts, data scientists, and researchers specializing in statistical modeling and data analysis.
    • USP: Provides in-depth coverage of statistical modeling concepts, hands-on tutorials, and case studies demonstrating the application of statistical techniques in different domains.
    • Example Leader: RStudio, an integrated development environment (IDE) for R, a statistical computing and graphics language.

Visualization & Reporting

  • VisGateway – Creative Data Visualization:

    • Platform Objective: Focuses on creative and impactful data visualization techniques to effectively communicate insights and narratives.
    • Content Focus: Data visualization principles, design aesthetics, storytelling through data, and innovative visualization tools and platforms.
    • Participants: Data visualization experts, UX designers, business analysts, and storytellers interested in creating compelling visual narratives.
    • USP: Inspires creativity in data visualization, explores emerging trends in visual storytelling, and showcases examples of visually stunning and informative data presentations.
    • Example Leader: Tableau continues to be a frontrunner in creative data visualization tools.
  • MetricMile – Analytics Dashboard Design:

    • Platform Objective: Provides guidance on designing intuitive and actionable analytics dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and business metrics.
    • Content Focus: Dashboard design principles, dashboard components, user interface (UI) design, and dashboard best practices.
    • Participants: BI developers, dashboard designers, business analysts, and decision-makers involved in dashboard creation and utilization.
    • USP: Offers practical tips for designing user-friendly and impactful analytics dashboards, optimizing data visualization for better user engagement, and improving data-driven decision-making processes.
    • Example Leader: Microsoft Power BI, which offers powerful analytics dashboard design capabilities.
  • ExploreData – Data Discovery Platforms:

    • Platform Objective: Explores data discovery platforms and tools that facilitate data exploration, search, and analysis across diverse datasets.
    • Content Focus: Data cataloging, metadata management, search algorithms, and data exploration techniques for uncovering insights.
    • Participants: Data scientists, data engineers, business users, and researchers seeking efficient methods for discovering and accessing relevant datasets.
    • USP: Provides insights into the latest advancements in data discovery technology, evaluates leading data cataloging solutions, and showcases use cases of data exploration platforms in various domains.
    • Example Leader: Alation, a data cataloging and discovery platform, is a notable leader in this space.

Real-Time Analytics

  • VelocityData – Streaming Data Analytics:

    • Platform Objective: Focuses on real-time processing and analysis of streaming data streams for immediate insights and decision-making.
    • Content Focus: Stream processing architectures, real-time data pipelines, event-driven analytics, and use cases in various industries.
    • Participants: Data engineers, streaming data architects, DevOps professionals, and data scientists leveraging real-time data analytics.
    • USP: Provides insights into handling high-velocity data streams, optimizing stream processing workflows, and implementing real-time analytics solutions.
    • Example Leader: Apache Flink, a distributed stream processing framework, is widely recognized for its real-time analytics capabilities.
  • LiveInsights – Real-Time Reporting:

    • Platform Objective: Offers capabilities for generating and accessing real-time reports and dashboards to monitor key metrics and performance indicators.
    • Content Focus: Real-time reporting tools, dashboard design principles, live data visualization, and interactive reporting features.
    • Participants: Business users, analysts, executives, and decision-makers interested in real-time monitoring and analysis.
    • USP: Emphasizes the importance of timely insights, enabling users to make informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute data.
    • Example Leader: Splunk, which provides real-time monitoring and reporting solutions for IT infrastructure and application performance.
  • NowCast – Instant Insights:

    • Platform Objective: Provides instant access to insights and analytics derived from real-time data sources, enabling rapid response to changing conditions.
    • Content Focus: Immediate data analysis, predictive analytics in real-time, anomaly detection, and alerting mechanisms.
    • Participants: Operational teams, monitoring specialists, and decision-makers requiring immediate insights into dynamic data streams.
    • USP: Enables organizations to capitalize on real-time data opportunities, fostering agility and responsiveness in fast-paced environments.
    • Example Leader: Datadog, which offers real-time monitoring and analytics for cloud-scale applications and infrastructure.

Data Management

  • MasterData – Master Data Strategies:

    • Platform Objective: Focuses on managing and governing master data assets to ensure consistency, accuracy, and reliability across the organization.
    • Content Focus: Master data governance, data quality management, master data modeling, and best practices for master data management.
    • Participants: Data stewards, data architects, master data managers, and IT professionals responsible for master data initiatives.
    • USP: Offers insights into establishing master data governance frameworks, implementing data quality controls, and optimizing master data workflows.
    • Example Leader: Informatica, which offers master data management (MDM) solutions for managing and governing master data assets.
  • Metadata – Data Cataloging and Discovery:

    • Platform Objective: Facilitates the cataloging, indexing, and discovery of data assets through comprehensive metadata management capabilities.
    • Content Focus: Metadata standards, metadata tagging, data lineage tracking, and metadata-driven data governance practices.
    • Participants: Data architects, data stewards, data analysts, and business users seeking to explore and understand organizational data assets.
    • USP: Empowers users to discover, understand, and leverage data assets effectively by providing rich metadata insights and data lineage information.
    • Example Leader: Collibra, a leading provider of data cataloging and metadata management solutions.
  • DataOps – Data Operations Automation:

    • Platform Objective: Streamlines and automates data operations processes, including data integration, data pipelines, and data workflow management.
    • Content Focus: Data pipeline orchestration, automation frameworks, CI/CD for data, and best practices for DataOps implementation.
    • Participants: Data engineers, DevOps engineers, data scientists, and IT professionals involved in data infrastructure and operations.
    • USP: Enhances operational efficiency, accelerates time-to-insight, and reduces manual intervention in data management processes through automation.
    • Example Leader: Databricks, which provides a Unified Analytics Platform for data engineering, data science, and analytics workflows.

Big Data Strategy

  • AtlasGuide – Technology Landscape:

    • Platform Objective: Provides guidance and insights into the evolving landscape of big data technologies, platforms, and ecosystems.
    • Content Focus: Big data trends, emerging technologies, vendor landscapes, and strategic considerations for big data adoption.
    • Participants: IT leaders, technology architects, data strategists, and decision-makers shaping big data initiatives.
    • USP: Offers a comprehensive overview of the big data ecosystem, helping organizations navigate technology choices and formulate effective big data strategies.
    • Example Leader: Cloudera, which offers enterprise data cloud solutions for data engineering, data warehousing, machine learning, and analytics.
  • UnifiedData – Eliminating Silos:

    • Platform Objective: Focuses on breaking down data silos and fostering data integration and collaboration across the organization.
    • Content Focus: Data integration patterns, unified data architectures, data governance frameworks, and overcoming interoperability challenges.
    • Participants: Data architects, data integration specialists, business analysts, and stakeholders aiming to unify disparate data sources.
    • USP: Promotes a holistic approach to data management, enabling organizations to leverage unified data assets for analytics, insights, and decision-making.
    • Example Leader: Snowflake, which provides a cloud-based data platform for data warehousing, data lakes, and data sharing, aimed at eliminating data silos.
  • ValueAccelerator – Monetization Models:

    • Platform Objective: Explores strategies and frameworks for monetizing data assets and deriving business value from big data initiatives.
    • Content Focus: Data monetization models, pricing strategies, value realization frameworks, and case studies of successful data-driven businesses.
    • Participants: Business leaders, strategists, data monetization experts, and entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on data as a strategic asset.
    • USP: Provides actionable insights and proven approaches for unlocking the value of data, driving revenue growth, and gaining competitive advantage in the digital economy.
    • Example Leader: Palantir Technologies, which offers data integration and analytics solutions for government agencies and commercial enterprises.

Industry-Specific Applications of Big Data Analytics

Operations Big Data Analytics:

SupplyChain – Logistics Network Optimization:

  • Content Focus: Analyzes supply chain data to optimize logistics networks, reduce costs, and improve efficiency in transportation, warehousing, and distribution.
  • Target Participants: Supply chain managers, logistics professionals, transportation planners, and warehouse operators.
  • Platform USP: Offers comprehensive insights and analytics tools tailored for optimizing complex supply chain operations and improving overall efficiency.
  • Example Leader: IBM Supply Chain Insights

ManuFuture – Manufacturing and Heavy Industry:

  • Content Focus: Provides insights into manufacturing processes, equipment performance, and predictive maintenance to enhance productivity and reduce downtime.
  • Target Participants: Manufacturing engineers, plant managers, maintenance technicians, and industrial operations personnel.
  • Platform USP: Focuses on data-driven approaches to improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance overall operational performance.
  • Example Leader: Siemens Digital Industries Software

HR Insights – Human Resources Analytics:

  • Content Focus: Utilizes data analytics to optimize workforce management, talent acquisition, employee engagement, and performance evaluation processes.
  • Target Participants: HR managers, talent acquisition specialists, workforce planners, and organizational development professionals.
  • Platform USP: Offers advanced analytics tools and methodologies for optimizing HR processes and enhancing employee productivity and engagement.
  • Example Leader: Workday People Analytics

HospitalityData – Travel and Hospitality Analytics:

  • Content Focus: Analyzes guest behavior, booking patterns, and service quality metrics to enhance customer experience, optimize pricing strategies, and improve operational efficiency in the hospitality industry.
  • Target Participants: Hospitality managers, revenue managers, guest service representatives, and hotel operations staff.
  • Platform USP: Provides actionable insights and analytics solutions tailored for the unique challenges and opportunities in the hospitality sector.
  • Example Leader: Duetto

AutoSense – Connected Vehicles and Transport:

  • Content Focus: Leverages data from connected vehicles and transportation systems to improve fleet management, enhance driver safety, and optimize route planning and scheduling.
  • Target Participants: Fleet managers, transportation planners, automotive engineers, and connected vehicle technology providers.
  • Platform USP: Delivers innovative solutions for optimizing transportation operations, improving safety standards, and enhancing overall mobility efficiency.

EnergyMatrix – Oil, Gas, and Utility Analytics:

  • Content Focus: Provides insights into energy consumption patterns, asset performance, and regulatory compliance to optimize operations and ensure reliability in the oil, gas, and utility sectors.
  • Target Participants: Energy analysts, utility operators, oil and gas engineers, regulatory compliance officers.
  • Platform USP: Offers specialized analytics tools and industry expertise to address the complex challenges of the energy and utility sector.

AgriPatterns – Agriculture and Food Supply Chain:

  • Content Focus: Offers analytics solutions to optimize crop yield, manage supply chain logistics, forecast demand, and mitigate risks in agricultural production and food distribution.
  • Target Participants: Farmers, agronomists, food distributors, supply chain managers, and agricultural economists.
  • Platform USP: Addresses critical challenges in the agriculture and food industry through data-driven insights and predictive analytics capabilities.

Customer/Marketing Big Data Analytics:

RetailDecisions – E-commerce and Consumer Analytics:

  • Content Focus: Analyzes consumer behavior, shopping trends, and product preferences to personalize marketing campaigns, optimize inventory management, and drive sales growth in e-commerce and retail sectors.
  • Target Participants: Retail marketers, e-commerce managers, merchandising analysts, and sales strategists.
  • Platform USP: Offers actionable insights and data-driven strategies to enhance customer engagement and maximize revenue in the retail industry.
  • Example Leader: Adobe Analytics

MediaMetrix – Media, Entertainment, and Streaming:

  • Content Focus: Offers insights into audience engagement, content consumption patterns, and advertising effectiveness to media companies, broadcasters, and streaming platforms.
  • Target Participants: Media executives, content producers, advertising agencies, and entertainment analysts.
  • Platform USP: Provides comprehensive analytics solutions tailored for the media and entertainment industry to optimize content delivery and advertising strategies.
  • Example Leader: Nielsen Media

TelcoNetwork – Telecom and Mobile Analytics:

  • Content Focus: Analyzes telecommunications data to optimize network performance, enhance customer experience, and develop targeted marketing strategies for mobile and telecom providers.
  • Target Participants: Telecom operators, network engineers, mobile app developers, and marketing analysts.
  • Platform USP: Offers advanced analytics capabilities to telecom providers for improving network efficiency, enhancing service offerings, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Example Leader: Ericsson Analytics

SocialBeat – Social Media and Digital Marketing:

  • Content Focus: Provides analytics solutions to measure social media engagement, track brand sentiment, and optimize digital marketing campaigns across social platforms.
  • Target Participants: Social media managers, digital marketers, brand analysts, and social media influencers.
  • Platform USP: Empowers marketers with insights to optimize social media strategies, increase brand visibility, and drive user engagement and conversion.
  • Example Leader: Sprout Social

SportsStats – Fan Engagement and Athletics:

  • Content Focus: Analyzes sports performance data, fan behavior, and ticketing trends to enhance fan engagement, optimize venue operations, and maximize revenue opportunities in the sports industry.
  • Target Participants: Sports team executives, stadium managers, ticket sales managers, and sports marketing professionals.
  • Platform USP: Provides sports organizations with data-driven insights to enhance fan experiences, drive ticket sales, and optimize revenue generation strategies.

AdTechMetrics – Advertising Campaign Analytics:

  • Content Focus: Measures the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, analyzes audience response, and optimizes ad targeting strategies across digital platforms and ad networks.
  • Target Participants: Advertisers, digital marketers, media buyers, and advertising agencies.
  • Platform USP: Delivers robust analytics tools and performance metrics for maximizing ROI on advertising spend and optimizing digital ad campaigns.

Finance Big Data Analytics:

FinTechSense – Banking, Insurance, and Finance:

  • Content Focus: Provides analytics solutions for risk management, fraud detection, customer segmentation, and personalized financial services in the banking, insurance, and finance sectors.
  • Target Participants: Financial analysts, risk managers, insurance underwriters, and banking executives.
  • Platform USP: Offers advanced analytics capabilities tailored for the financial industry to mitigate risks, enhance compliance, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Example Leader: FICO

Healthcare Big Data Analytics:

Patient360 – Healthcare and Clinical Analytics:

  • Content Focus: Offers insights into patient outcomes, treatment efficacy, healthcare utilization patterns, and population health trends to improve care delivery, reduce costs, and enhance patient outcomes.
  • Target Participants: Healthcare administrators, clinical researchers, medical practitioners, and healthcare IT professionals.
  • Platform USP: Provides comprehensive analytics solutions for optimizing healthcare delivery, improving patient outcomes, and reducing operational inefficiencies.
  • Example Leader: Cerner

PharmaTrends – Biopharma and Life Sciences:

  • Content Focus: Analyzes clinical trial data, drug development pipelines, and market trends to support strategic decision-making, drug discovery, and commercialization in the biopharma and life sciences industries.
  • Target Participants: Pharmaceutical researchers, biotech executives, clinical trial managers, and regulatory affairs professionals.
  • Platform USP: Delivers actionable insights and predictive analytics for accelerating drug discovery, optimizing clinical trials, and maximizing commercial success in the life sciences sector.
  • Example Leader: IQVIA

Public Sector Big Data Analytics:

UrbanLens – Smart Cities and Urban Planning:

  • Content Focus: Utilizes data analytics to optimize urban infrastructure, improve public services, enhance transportation systems, and address environmental challenges in smart cities.
  • Target Participants: Urban planners, city officials, sustainability advocates, and municipal policymakers.
  • Platform USP: Provides data-driven solutions for building smarter, more sustainable cities and improving the quality of life for urban residents.
  • Example Leader: Socrata

EduSphere – Learning and Education Analytics:

  • Content Focus: Analyzes student performance data, learning outcomes, and educational trends to improve teaching methods, personalize learning experiences, and optimize educational resources.
  • Target Participants: Educators, school administrators, curriculum developers, and education policymakers.
  • Platform USP: Empowers educational institutions with insights to enhance student success, optimize resource allocation, and foster continuous improvement in teaching and learning practices.

LegalAcuity – Justice System and Public Safety:

  • Content Focus: Provides insights into crime patterns, case management, and judicial processes to enhance public safety, improve criminal justice outcomes, and support law enforcement agencies.
  • Target Participants: Law enforcement officials, criminal justice analysts, legal researchers, and policymakers.
  • Platform USP: Offers data-driven solutions for enhancing crime prevention, reducing recidivism, and promoting fairness and transparency in the justice system.
  • Example Leader: LexisNexis Risk Solutions

GovWorks – Public Administration and Policy:

  • Content Focus: Utilizes data analytics to improve government services, enhance policy-making processes, and address social, economic, and environmental challenges in public administration.
  • Target Participants: Government officials, policy analysts, public administrators, and community advocates.
  • Platform USP: Facilitates evidence-based decision-making, fosters transparency and accountability, and promotes citizen engagement in public policy and governance processes.
  • Example Leader: Accela


ScienceCentral – Academic and Scientific Research:

  • Content Focus: Facilitates data-driven research, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among academic and scientific communities to advance scientific discovery and innovation.
  • Target Participants: Researchers, scientists, academic institutions, and research organizations across diverse scientific disciplines.
  • Platform USP: Enables seamless collaboration, data sharing, and discovery, accelerating the pace of scientific progress and fostering interdisciplinary research efforts.
  • Example Leader: Elsevier

ClimateIQ – Meteorology and Climate Analytics:

  • Content Focus: Analyzes weather patterns, climate data, and environmental indicators to support climate research, environmental monitoring, and climate change mitigation strategies.
  • Target Participants: Climate scientists, meteorologists, environmental researchers, policymakers, and climate change advocates.
  • Platform USP: Provides actionable insights and predictive analytics for understanding climate trends, assessing environmental impacts, and informing climate policy and adaptation strategies.
  • Example Leader: The Climate Corporation

AeroInsights – Aviation and Aerospace Analytics:

  • Content Focus: Provides insights into aircraft performance, safety trends, and airspace management to optimize aviation operations, enhance safety standards, and support aerospace research and development.
  • Target Participants: Aerospace engineers, aviation professionals, aircraft manufacturers, and air traffic management agencies.
  • Platform USP: Offers advanced analytics solutions for improving flight efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and enhancing safety and reliability in the aviation industry.
  • Example Leader: Boeing AnalytX

Cartography – Geospatial Mapping and Analysis:

  • Content Focus: Offers geospatial analytics solutions for land use planning, environmental monitoring, disaster response, and natural resource management.
  • Target Participants: GIS professionals, urban planners, environmental scientists, emergency responders, and land management agencies.
  • Platform USP: Empowers users to visualize and analyze spatial data, enabling informed decision-making and sustainable resource management across diverse geographic regions.
  • Example Leader: Hexagon Geospatial

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  4. Explore data resources, collaborate on projects, and leverage the collective intelligence of the DataScape community.

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